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THEME: Strong Dollar STILL Pushing Small-Cap Stocks Higher

There continues to be hysteria and paranoia around what some are calling a ‘melt-up’ in stocks – a continuous drift higher with no apparent reason or catalyst. But is this really the case, if we look under the hood? Are… Continue Reading →

Small Cap Stocks Are Still Strong: Investors Still Like Risk

The S&P 500 is a little more than 5% off the lows it put in earlier this year. Meanwhile, small cap stocks are telling a more bullish story. Right after New Years, the S&P put in a new high then… Continue Reading →

Why It’s Difficult to Make Money off of Oil Post 2006

I often hear from oil bulls and bears about profiting off of oscillations in oil. There’s no problem giving it the old college try, there are definitely some telegraphed moves that you can see coming. However, the way ETF’s work… Continue Reading →

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