Defunding Planned Parenthood is a JOKE

Here is the 2018 US Government spending by category:

Out of $4.1 trillion, Donald Trump’s administration decided to cut Planned Parenthood – an organization focused on birth control, pelvic exams, HIV services, STD testing, fertility studies, cancer screenings, hormone treatments, mammograms, UTI tests, pap tests, and general health care for women. OUR WOMEN!

Let’s also be clear. They DO NOT execute abortions. That would be ILLEGAL.

Say it out aloud. IL-LEGAL.

Please, find me a justification for cutting $60 million out of our GARGANTUAN budget, to cut care for 18 million people. $5 per person? Come on now.

You need to see zeroes to understand this more fully.

This is what they cut:

This is what we spend:

There is no upside to this political maneuver.

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