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THEME: Strong Dollar STILL Pushing Small-Cap Stocks Higher

There continues to be hysteria and paranoia around what some are calling a ‘melt-up’ in stocks – a continuous drift higher with no apparent reason or catalyst. But is this really the case, if we look under the hood? Are… Continue Reading →

Is Paul Tudor Jones Timing The Market?

In a recent interview with CNBC, Paul Tudor Jones mentioned that he’s lighter on macro stocks positions than he’s been in a long time, and that if he were chairman of the Federal Reserve, interest rates would be 150 basis… Continue Reading →

Do Google Searches for ‘FANG Stocks’ Mean Trouble for Tech Stocks?

A stock trader recently posted an infographic to Twitter, proposing that spikes in Google searches for FANG stocks meant trouble for FANG stocks. FANG stocks are the 4 horsemen of tech – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google. The post showed Amazon… Continue Reading →

Small Cap Stocks Are Still Strong: Investors Still Like Risk

The S&P 500 is a little more than 5% off the lows it put in earlier this year. Meanwhile, small cap stocks are telling a more bullish story. Right after New Years, the S&P put in a new high then… Continue Reading →

Other Reasons to Own Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a great form of digital currency, equipped with major capabilities beyond a normal dollar. Transaction speeds and fractional transaction amounts are among the top features¬† – “the stuff Bitcoin got that the dollar ain’t got” so to speak…. Continue Reading →

3 New Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

If you’re like me, the past few months of drawdowns in cryptocurrencies have been anything but enjoyable. I haven’t blogged in a while because there haven’t been a lot of reasons to buy in. When bad news is out, I… Continue Reading →

How to Predict Bitcoin Price

Here is your 5 minute lesson on how to predict short term moves in Bitcoin, and even Litecoin! The tool I use is called the depth chart. These charts are built into the website – a sister company of… Continue Reading →

Why It’s Difficult to Make Money off of Oil Post 2006

I often hear from oil bulls and bears about profiting off of oscillations in oil. There’s no problem giving it the old college try, there are definitely some telegraphed moves that you can see coming. However, the way ETF’s work… Continue Reading →

Ethereum Had A Flash Crash. Now What?

I read a lot of conspiracy theories on how — a popular cryptocurrency exchange — ‘stole people’s money’ last night when Ethereum, a popular cryptocurrency crashed from ~$310 to $0.10 and quickly bounced back. A small amount of people… Continue Reading →

How to buy Bitcoin

Create an account at Connect your checking account, and fund the account with $100 or more. For faster results, you can connect your debit card, and buy instantly for a 3.75% fee. Once your account is funded, you will… Continue Reading →

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