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Sky High Insurance Costs: Doctors Now Charging Subscriptions

Courtesy of  The Virginian Pilot: According to Yahoo Finance Monday morning, and a write-up by The Virginian Pilot, insurance costs are finally forcing doctors to rethink their business model. You may think, ‘wait, don’t doctors make a ton of money… Continue Reading →

Mute People Outrage

The Concert Has Been Cancelled

DEBUNKED: Bitcoin Price Movement Does Not Affect The Stock Market

In a recent interview with CNBC, Charlie Bilello of Pension Partners outlined the correlation between Bitcoin and the stock market. Spoiler Alert: There is no correlation! In 2017, as Bitcoin soared toward 20,000, the stock market put in new highs,… Continue Reading →

THEME: Strong Dollar STILL Pushing Small-Cap Stocks Higher

There continues to be hysteria and paranoia around what some are calling a ‘melt-up’ in stocks – a continuous drift higher with no apparent reason or catalyst. But is this really the case, if we look under the hood? Are… Continue Reading →

Is Paul Tudor Jones Timing The Market?

In a recent interview with CNBC, Paul Tudor Jones mentioned that he’s lighter on macro stocks positions than he’s been in a long time, and that if he were chairman of the Federal Reserve, interest rates would be 150 basis… Continue Reading →

Do Google Searches for ‘FANG Stocks’ Mean Trouble for Tech Stocks?

A stock trader recently posted an infographic to Twitter, proposing that spikes in Google searches for FANG stocks meant trouble for FANG stocks. FANG stocks are the 4 horsemen of tech – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google. The post showed Amazon… Continue Reading →

Small Cap Stocks Are Still Strong: Investors Still Like Risk

The S&P 500 is a little more than 5% off the lows it put in earlier this year. Meanwhile, small cap stocks are telling a more bullish story. Right after New Years, the S&P put in a new high then… Continue Reading →

Other Reasons to Own Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a great form of digital currency, equipped with major capabilities beyond a normal dollar. Transaction speeds and fractional transaction amounts are among the top features  – “the stuff Bitcoin got that the dollar ain’t got” so to speak…. Continue Reading →

3 New Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

If you’re like me, the past few months of drawdowns in cryptocurrencies have been anything but enjoyable. I haven’t blogged in a while because there haven’t been a lot of reasons to buy in. When bad news is out, I… Continue Reading →

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