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Facebook to Compete with Bitcoin?

Facebook is slated to release its own cryptocurrency Tuesday, a coin called Libra that is said to compete with Bitcoin and Litecoin. Bitcoin has had discussions with Litecoin and its Lightning network in the past, and recent discussions with the… Continue Reading →

100 Reasons You’re Single

You’ve been doing coke for yeeeeears. You’re an emotional rollercoaster dumpster fire of a cunt. You feel entitled to yell and cause a scene, regardless of the situation or people present. You act like people in television relationships, because that’s… Continue Reading →

Sky High Insurance Costs: Doctors Now Charging Subscriptions

Courtesy of  The Virginian Pilot: According to Yahoo Finance Monday morning, and a write-up by The Virginian Pilot, insurance costs are finally forcing doctors to rethink their business model. You may think, ‘wait, don’t doctors make a ton of money… Continue Reading →

DEBUNKED: Bitcoin Price Movement Does Not Affect The Stock Market

In a recent interview with CNBC, Charlie Bilello of Pension Partners outlined the correlation between Bitcoin and the stock market. Spoiler Alert: There is no correlation! In 2017, as Bitcoin soared toward 20,000, the stock market put in new highs,… Continue Reading →

THEME: Strong Dollar STILL Pushing Small-Cap Stocks Higher

There continues to be hysteria and paranoia around what some are calling a ‘melt-up’ in stocks – a continuous drift higher with no apparent reason or catalyst. But is this really the case, if we look under the hood? Are… Continue Reading →

Is Paul Tudor Jones Timing The Market?

In a recent interview with CNBC, Paul Tudor Jones mentioned that he’s lighter on macro stocks positions than he’s been in a long time, and that if he were chairman of the Federal Reserve, interest rates would be 150 basis… Continue Reading →

Do Google Searches for ‘FANG Stocks’ Mean Trouble for Tech Stocks?

A stock trader recently posted an infographic to Twitter, proposing that spikes in Google searches for FANG stocks meant trouble for FANG stocks. FANG stocks are the 4 horsemen of tech – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google. The post showed Amazon… Continue Reading →

Small Cap Stocks Are Still Strong: Investors Still Like Risk

The S&P 500 is a little more than 5% off the lows it put in earlier this year. Meanwhile, small cap stocks are telling a more bullish story. Right after New Years, the S&P put in a new high then… Continue Reading →

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