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100 Reasons You’re Single

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You’ve been doing coke for yeeeeears. You’re an emotional rollercoaster dumpster fire of a cunt. You feel entitled to yell and cause a scene, regardless of the situation or people present. You act like people in television relationships, because that’s… Continue Reading →

Magic Tricks & After Gym Sex

Magic Tricks and More Dick Jokes

Do They Sell Uncircumcised Dildos?


Nick Gweezy Comedy: Chinese Fan Mail

Nick Gweezy Comedy: Brooklyn Barbie

Sky High Insurance Costs: Doctors Now Charging Subscriptions

Courtesy of  The Virginian Pilot: According to Yahoo Finance Monday morning, and a write-up by The Virginian Pilot, insurance costs are finally forcing doctors to rethink their business model. You may think, ‘wait, don’t doctors make a ton of money… Continue Reading →

Mute People Outrage

The Concert Has Been Cancelled

DEBUNKED: Bitcoin Price Movement Does Not Affect The Stock Market

In a recent interview with CNBC, Charlie Bilello of Pension Partners outlined the correlation between Bitcoin and the stock market. Spoiler Alert: There is no correlation! In 2017, as Bitcoin soared toward 20,000, the stock market put in new highs,… Continue Reading →

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