Like the title says, cover letters are not dead. To the contrary, you should have one prepared just like you have a resume prepared.

Use it as a piece of content. It should be a compelling piece of media. Make it short and interesting to read.

My cover letter is literally titled ‘3 Reasons To Hire Me.’

Just like a Buzzfeed article, it screams: “well it’s only 3 things, let me open this real quick.”

It’s tailored to my industry, and a complement to my resume. And yes, complement with an ‘E.’ Look it up.

In any case, it lists my skills, clients I’ve sold, and a boilerplate third bullet point that speaks to how hard I work. It’s not a long love letter about how the company is my long lost soul mate of a job. It’s a fast, easy-to-chew-and-digest chronicle of my experience.

If I really love the company, I use my third bullet point to touch on the exact, specific reason why I want to work for them. It only takes another 38 seconds to craft that third tailored bullet point if you want to tailor it to each company, if youreally want to get crazy with each job app.

Most importantly, you should treat your job search like sales prospecting. Send out a high volume of applications. Your resume and cover letter are your sales decks. You’re hitting the battlefield with your weapon AND your armor. Not just one or the other. Don’t leave home without them!

Most importantly, don’t apply to 2 jobs a day and expect results. Treat your outreach like a machine gun turret, shooting out a salvo of dozens of applications a day. That’s how you make the phone ring.